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We offer a range of softwood and hardwood logs sourced from sustainable forests and plantations around the world. We have many other species available apart from those listed below so please contact us for a full list of products and special offers.

FSC Eucalyptus Grandis Peeler Logs


Round log quality:

• All plantations are subject to strict silviculture practices.

• Pruning is done once a year in year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4.

Gmelina Logs

Part of the Teak family of woods, Gmelina or White Teak is a low medium density wood, tan to light beige in colour, the wood it easy to work and takes paints and stains well. It is also naturally insect resistant.

Trees come in diameters of 18cms and up to 35cms SED.

Available both FSC and non FSC

Spruce Logs

European spruce logs. Close grained softwood log in diameters 20cms Up x 39ft.

Kiln Dries easily and suitable for a variety of uses  from pallet manufacture to furniture and structural.

Eucalyptus Logs

2 main species Eucalyptus Grandis and Saligna available from South America and Africa.

Medium density hardwood.

Ideal for flooring, lumbers as well as furniture.

Logs are from small diameters 12cms up to larger 30cms up SED.

Full fumigation on shipping available.

Aromatic Cedar Logs


Also known as Red Cedar.
Used for anti-insect fragrant smelling wood products such as shoe trees, moth balls, coat hangers and furniture.

Sugi Logs

Also known as Japanese Cedar.

A Medium to light density wood used for outdoor fencing and structures due to is anti rot properties

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