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South African FSC certified plantation Eucalyptus is a sustainable alternative to endangered tropical hardwoods. These round logs and lumber originate from well-managed plantations under strict FSC guidelines and are a certified renewable resource.

FSC Eucalyptus Grandis Peeler Logs

Round log quality:

• All plantations are subject to strict silviculture practices.

• Pruning is done once a year in year 1, year 2, year 3 and year 4.

• Final pruning height is 10m at age 4 years.

• Thinning is done periodically over the rotation length.

• Final stocking before harvesting is 230 trees per hectare.

• Felling age is 23 years.


Round log specifications:

• The round logs on offer are the pruned bottom (base) log of the tree. This means the first 5.8m stem portion above the ground.

• Thin-end diameter is 30cm +.

• All logs are debarked.

• All logs are gang nailed on both ends

• All logs are cut to a standard length of 5.8m with 100mm allowance.


• Fumigation is done at the port after container stuffing is completed to ensure conformance with phytosanitary requirements.

FSC Eucalyptus Grandis Sawn Boards

Sawn board quality:

• The average density of kiln dried Eucalyptus grandis lumber is 650kg/m³.

• Such kiln dried timber is superior hardwood lumber that is used for door manufacturing, mouldings, indoor and outdoor furniture, laminated products and other types of joinery.

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