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E&V International Ltd was incorporated in 1973 in Hong Kong. It was established to act as a regional centre for trading wood and construction products.

Founded by Ted Thompson who had spent many years in the Far East and had been involved in the lumber trade since 1965.

At the time, most of the products were hardwood based including our then main product lines of lumber and plywood.

In the 1980s E&V started to develop the market for the then new Medium Density Fiberboards (Mdfs), particleboards and other manufactured panels, and by the end of the 1980s we were one of the largest importers of Mdf and particleboards into the China and Asian markets.


In the 1990s E&V diversified into other wood based products, such as logs, laminated veneer lumbers (LVL) and decorative veneers to service the then rapidly growing furniture and construction industries, although much related business was also conducted in the rest of Asia.

From 2000 there has been more focus on wood based products which offer innovations and enhancements to existing products, such as lower formaldehyde board products, and also on newly developed material which we foresaw as offering benefits to both the furniture industry, architectural and interior decoration works. Furthermore we started to develop ranges of products which reflect the growing trend toward environmental concerns for wood based products such a bamboo and wood sourced from managed plantation resources.

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