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Reclaimed Pine, Sugi & Hinoki lumber from construction, reclaimed Pine from pallets, cable reels and fencing. Reclaimed railway sleepers. Salvaged river logs.

Reclaimed Pine

Pinus Silvestris and other Northern European and Russian lumbers harvested from a variety of sources such as old pallets, cable reels and fencing.

Available in a range of sizes and lengths and can be supplied with certification to prove from a genuine reclaimed origin.

Being used for distressed style furniture and doors.

Most timbers are well seasoned being at least 1 year old at salvaging.

Removal of nails and other metal parts is optional.

Salvaged River Logs

Old logs salvaged from Asian rivers.

Logs are from sunken trees which were destined for lumber mills but never made the journey and sank to the bottom of rivers.

Many of these hardwood logs have been lying in the mud for 40 or 50 years and sometimes longer.

With modern harvesting techniques the logs are retrieved and cut to slabs to be used in a variety of manufacture.

Unique and with a beauty and character that only old tropical  hardwood logs in the low air environment of river mud can impart.

Railway Sleepers

As concrete sleepers gradually replace the old wood railway sleepers, these large and old timbers are becoming available for a variety of uses, especially in the garden (such as elevated flower beds and pathways).

The timbers are old and though treated with creosote, the pungent smell associated with this preservative is no longer detectable.

Sizes up to 6" x 10" x 8ft.

Pine, Sugi & Hinoki Lumber

From Japan house construction, reclaimed KD S4S off-cut lumber. Regular supply available.

Wood species -  Pine, Sugi, Hinoki (approx mix 50:20:30)
Thickness :  20mm,  30mm,  45mm,  70mm, 90mm, 105mm (heavy on 90mm and 105mm) . About 10% 70mm or under
Width :      90mm, 105mm, 120mm (Heavy 70% on the 95mm square and 105mm square)
Length :      250mm - 500mm  (approximately 50%); 500mm - 900mm  (approximately 30%)
                 1000mm up         (approximately 20%)

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