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CCA Treated Lumber and Thermowood

CCA Treated Lumber

CCA (Copper Chrome Arsenate) Treated Lumber available in various degrees of treatment.

CCA: H1 light rot protection to H6 for marine water immersion.

Available lumber: Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), Radiata Pine, Eucalyptus.

Can offer with custom profile such as decking and domed railings.

Also available telephone poles up to 15 mtrs long.


Thermally modified wood, is wood that has been modified by a controlled process of wood being heated to greater than 180°C in the absence of oxygen inducing some chemical changes to the chemical structures of cell wall components in the wood in order to increase its durability. Low oxygen content prevents the wood from burning at these high temperatures. In the ThermoWood process, freshly-cut timber is heated in a steam environment at atmospheric pressure using the leftover moisture in the wood.


Advantages of ThermoWood

1. Softwood can be used for applications that require high durability.

The ThermoWood process results in a significantly improved resistance to rot, decay and weathering.

2. Reduced dimensional movement from changing humidity.

3. Gives a darker, more consistent and attractive appearance to the wood.

Durability Levels

Durability class 1–3, can be obtained out of non-durable (class 5) softwood species (European Standard EN 350-2).
Different degrees of heat treatment produce three grades of durability (as defined by European Standards BS EN 350-1):

D1 for marine (salt water) environments,

D2 for fresh water (lakes, ponds and pools),

D3 for non-submerged outdoor use.

ThermoWood treated timbers are available in a variety of  woods including SYP, Merpauh and Rubberwood.

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